Breaking News: Ex Childhood Friend of Donald Trump Spills The Beans – By Randy Brown

A childhood friend recalls a pivotal moment that defined Trumps slimy personality.

An alleged ex childhood friend of Donald Trump, on Monday, revealed to journalist Randy Brown that Donald trump was a bully in grade-school. The source claims that Trump mercilessly taunted students, who in today’s terms would be classified as special-ed. This is not the type of behavior the American public should tolerate, especially from a sitting president.

The source brings into question the legitimacy of a man tasked with protecting all citizens of the United States. Past revelations such as the video where Trump says he grabs women by their pussies only adds insult to injury. The American public is quickly becoming weary of Trump given that past behavior is often a good predictor of current behavior.

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  • Carlson Tuchas

    July 21, 2017 at 8:48 pm Reply

    As a young boy, I was groped by an Orange Duck.

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