The President will travel to Texas to see first hand Harvey’s heavy floods – By contributing blogger Selma Garcia

It is a well known fact that Donald, as young boy, developed a Lifelong Fear of Swimming after his mother dropped him from her arms while swimming together in the Atlantic ocean. He almost drowned, his brother saved him!

In preparation for his trip, Donald decided to take a one day swimming lesson in the local YMCA. These are the key elements he practiced all day in the pool:

1. Get comfortable in the water and don’t panic.
2. Get used to floating and practice exhaling underwater.
3. Kicking his legs, and learn basic crawls, such as front and back strokes.
4. Use his arms to come up from the bottom.

Donald – Please don’t forget to bring your swimming cap and wear it at all times so your wet hair doesn’t look even more ridicules than it is.

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  • Marge Anderson

    August 28, 2017 at 12:55 pm Reply

    Do us a favor and shave your orange hair. It’s disgusting​.

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