Rex and Randy are just two, normal guys sharing their piece of mind about America. They see our shattered democracy, it’s crumbling institutions, the corrupted right-wing media and they know they cannot sit idly by.

They aim to offer honest, outsider reporting on politics using their extensive network of high-powered friends and colleagues.

The Donkey Express is their liberal sword, their way of saying not today America. The corrupt right will not rip the good floor from beneath our feet.

Welcome and enjoy our considered, informative reporting.


Left wing Liberal

Rex White – Born September 19, 1979

Rex began his career in journalism reporting on the Iraq War. Brave, sharp, and well-connected, Rex aims to reveal the truth behind deeply political secretes being hidden from the American people.

Rex lives in Washington D.C. with his wife and three children.

He has duel masters degrees in Public Policy and Political Science.



Liberal Democratic Politics

Randy Brown – Born July 8, 1987

Randy got involved in community organizing after he spent a year volunteering in Guatemala. His enduring passion for social justice led him to study the law.

He is happily married to his partner John for the past 10+ years. They have two children together and a pet Labrador.

He earned a JD in Constitutional Law from a prestigious university.