Trump is fed up with his job, plans to resign – By contributing journalist Rita Simpson

The president is fed up with his job, plans to resign and become a truck driver. Ever since Trump LOST the Popular Vote during the general election (The LARGEST margin in USA history) there has been a great deal of speculation from a number of quarters about whether or...

Is Trump fit to lead? – By Randy Brown

Absolutely NOT. Here are few reasons why. He’s Evil He’s Racist He’s Serial liar He’s Unstable He’s Narcissistic He’s Misogynist He’s Authoritarian He’s Delusional He’s Demagogue He’s Thin-skinned bully He Encourages violence He can’t control what he says He shows a dissociation from reality He has no experience whatsoever...

Six Months of Trump: More People Want to See the President Impeached Than Nixon – By Andrew Hammond

Donald Trump marked the six month point of his turbulent presidency on Thursday. With multiple polls showing him the most unpopular White House incumbent of the modern political era, his presidency is at a highly uncertain pivot point.